North Palm Beach Teen’s Nonprofit Reaches all 50 States (The Palm Beach Post)

Thirteen-year-old Kayla Abramowitz loves playing the video game Minecraft. But she also loves running a company that, as of last week, has helped children in all 50 states.

The eighth-grader at Watson B. Duncan Middle School is the CKO, or Chief Kid Officer, at Kayla Cares 4 Kids, a not-for-profit organization she formed in 2013.

North Palm Beach teen’s nonprofit reaches all 50 states photo

With a donation the group made last week at the Arkansas’ Mercy Hospital, it has made donations to medical facilities in all 50 states.

Kayla has Crohn’s disease and juvenile arthritis. Inspired by her own experience of boredom in hospitals, the vision behind the organization has been to donate games, books and DVDs to children’s hospitals — things that help keep kids entertained.

Kayla has compiled a list of 250 children’s hospitals and 150 Ronald McDonald Houses. Her team, which includes her family and volunteers, has reached 81 facilities. The aim is to reach all 400.

North Palm Beach teen’s nonprofit reaches all 50 states photo

The teenager is a recent winner of the national Young Entrepreneurs Academy competition. Training from the program has familiarized her with business plans and balance sheets, along with helping her meet potential collaborators.

As the team works to file its first tax return, Kayla aims to find sustainable revenue to support paying employees. Kayla, fresh with marketing spirit, also hopes hospitals will approach her with their needs, instead of the other way around.

She wants to raise $25,000 by the year end. As of now, the team is $4,000 short.

Through fundraisers, lemonade stands and other methods, the North Palm Beach teen is working to meet that objective.

As she juggles school, work and play, she spends time researching, contacting and packaging supplies for hospitals.

“I get the ideas in place,” said Kayla speaking about her role in the organization. One of her many forthcoming ideas includes contacting gaming console manufacturers for collaboration and donations.

by Gurman Bhatia, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer


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