Florida Girl Gives Books to Ronald McDonald House in San Antonio (KENS-TV)

SAN ANTONIO — Stories connect with people in different ways and this story started many miles away. This is a story of courage, compassion and collections.

Some children staying at the San Antonio Ronald McDonald house received a generous gift thanks to a 12-year-old Florida girl.

Kayla Abramowitz collected donations of children’s books and DVDs to distribute to health facilities all across the nation, and this time she brought her books San Antonio.

“This is going to be our 54th facility,” said Kayla.

But like any good book, the characters have complex lives. Kayla is fighting her own battle.

When she’s not in the hospital delivering distractions to those in need, Kayla is often times there fighting Chron’s Disease and Juvenile Arthritis.

“We are trying to do Kayla cares for kids, but at the same time, we are in the hospital so much we are like ‘what’s the point’, but we have to push through,” said Kayla.

So in finding inspiration from others, that’s why this warrior continues to fight

“It makes me feel like I kind of have it lucky because I don’t have cancer and I’m not in the hospital as much as these kids,” said Kayla.


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